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I took a firearms course.... what do I do next?

Before you call us... PLEASE follow this link and read the document, WHAT_NEXT?. In a nutshell in about 4-5 weeks after you attend a firearms course you will receive an envelope back from the CFO in Orillia directly to your home.  The envelope will contain two copies of your course report (the document that proves you passed the course), keep one copy for your own records and submit the second copy with your PAL application, your photograph, and your fee to the Canadian Firearms Centre in New Brunswick.

Are you certified? Licensed? Insured?

Great question.... and YES, YES, YES.  Some companies sell you a training course but then on Sunday their firearms instructor is mysteriously sick so you cannot complete your testing and get licensed.  We teach our classes ONLY with hunting instructors licensed by the MNR Ontario, and our firearms classes only with instructors licensed by F.S.E.S.O.

How can I pay for my course?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, cash, or check.  You have the option on signing up of paying in full or making a deposit and paying the balance when the class starts (please note we do not have a debit machine at The Cabin, if you opt to put a deposit on the class we ask that you settle the balance in cash, Visa, or Mastercard).  If you select "Mail Check" on the payment / registration form please understand that your seat is confirmed when the check is received, so it is possible that the class you selected will fill up by the time your check arrives.

Is your ecommerce site secure?

Yes it is, we understand how important it is that your personal information not be compromised, that is why the final step of your registration is done on a secure server ( and your credit card transaction will be processed by Moneris (the best reputation in the industry)

What course do I need if I only want to Bow Hunt?

To Bow Hunt in Ontario you only require the Ontario Hunter Education Program, or OHEP. If you take this as a standalone course (no firearms training), you do have to complete module 10B which is firearms handling.

What course do I need if I only want to own rifles or shotguns, and not hunt with them?

To own non restricted firearms in Canada you need the Canadian Firearms Safety Course

What course do I need if I want to hunt with rifles and shotguns?

In order to hunt with rifles or shotguns in Ontario you need to complete the Ontario Hunter Education Program as well as the Canadian Firearms Safety Course.

How old do I have to be to attend the hunting or non restricted firearms course?

You must be 12 year of age at the start of the class to attend either of these classes.

What course do I need if I want to own a handgun (or restricted firearm)?

If you do not have a PAL yet you must attend both the restricted and non restricted firearms courses (CFSC & CRFSC).  

If you are not 18, you will have to take the CRFSC again when you turn 18.

If you already have a non restricted PAL but want to add restricted firearms to your license, you must attend the CRFSC...  your course will be finished in one day, but some students will get out around 1:30-2:00 PM but you will be more like 3:30-4:00.  We have to do a few extra modules with anyone who did their non restricted class more than 30 day prior to attending the non restricted.

What is your privacy policy?

Like everything we do, we try to keep it simple.  We use your personal information to complete your registration in one of our classes.  We will never sell or give away your information, and we keep no credit card information.

Do you guarantee that I will pass?

Certainly not, nobody can guarantee you pass.  Having said that we have an excellent success rate, we make sure to teach you what you need to know to be successful.  And if you do fail (but have worked hard and paid attention) we will do everything in our power help you understand your mistakes and to retest you quickly (there is a charge for retesting, as we must purchase the tests and are required to send in the original failure as well as the successful test).

What if I have to cancel or reschedule my class? Do you offer refunds?

-We do not offer refunds of deposits. 
-If you reschedule with 7 days notice we will honor your deposit on any other open class
-If you simply do not show up your entire deposit will be forfeited.
-If you reschedule with less than 7 days notice we will move you to another date, but there IS an 
administration fee, $50 for a one day class, and $100 for  a two day class

What currency do you use?

All transactions are in Canadian Dollars

Buckeye Firearms Training, 8200 Lakeridge Road, Uxbridge, Ontario, L9P 1R3, (647) 801-HUNT (4868)

buckeye firearms training, get your firearms license, gun license. licensed certified gun and firearms training and testing. Graduate, learn guns and firearms, we teach the CFSC and the CRFSC. you can get your restricted or non restricted firearms license in Ontario. certified by the RCMP and FSESO to teach and test the CFSC and the CRFSC, which is the restricted gun course and the non restricted gun course. If you are looking to get your gun license for restricted or non restricted firearms come see us.  If your FAC is expired you need to replace it with a PAL, this can be for restricted firearms, non restricted firearms, or both.  It is illegal to own a gun in Canada if you do not have the proper license. We teach the gun course full time, firearms and hunter safety training is our business.  Our training center is perect for learning, we have a very high passing rate, we will work with you to make sure you are successful in your course.  We are registered with the CFO or chief firearms office (officer) for Ontario.  We also teach the Ontario Hunter Safety course, licensed by the MNR or minstry of natural resources and certified by OFAH (ontario federation of anglers and hunters) to teach.  If you want to get your hunting license in Ontario, come see us. Whether for bow hunting or gun hunting you need the OHEP course, this is the Ontario Hunter Education Program. We are full time licensed and certified trainers for this course.