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ONESTOP - Hunting course + Non restricted PAL in one weekend
OHEP - Ontario Hunter Education Program (hunting license)
CFSC - Canadian Firearms Safety Course (rifles & shotguns)
CRFSC - Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (handguns)
   Canadian Firearms Safety Course
Firearms in Canada fall into one of three categories, they are non restricted (most modern hunting firearms including rifles and shotguns), restricted (primarily handguns), and prohibited.  In order to aquire non restricted firearms in Ontario you must be the holder of a valid "PAL" or firearms possession and aquisition license.  The CFSC or Canadian Firearms Safety Course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to be successful in both the written and hands on portion of this course.  The CFSC includes 8-10 hours of classroom instruction which is a combination of multimedia presentation, discussion, and hands on training with a variety of firearms.  At Buckeye firearms training we want to provide you with the most comprehensive training available, which is why we have over 35 rifles and shotguns in our inventory.  Each student will be issued the official CFSC student manual which is an excellent resource and will act as the guideline for our training session,the manual is broken into the following 10 sections:

-Introduction, including the Vital Four ACTS
-Introduction to firearms
-Basic firearms safety, including PROVE
-Operating firearms actions
-Safe handling and carrying of  non-restricted firearms
-Firing techniques and procedures for non-restricted firearms
-Care of non-restricted firearms
-Social responsibilities of the firearms owner/user
-Safe storage, display, transportation & handling of non-restricted firearms

When the classroom instruction and hands on instruction is completed you will be given a "quiz" (we hate the word test) consiting of 50 questions.  In order to pass the course you must achieve an 80% score on this written test (40 out of 50 correct).  Students will also be taken aside by their firearms instructor (all of whom are licensed, registered, and insured to conduct firearms training and testing in Ontario) and asked to demonstrate a number of firearm handling and safety procedures, during this portion of the test students can earn marks or have them deducted based on their performance.  Once again a score of 80% is required to pass this test.  At Buckeye Firearms Training we are very thorough in our teaching and boast a very high success rate.

      Ontario Hunter Education Program

Hunting in Canada and in particular Ontario has made a huge resurgence, we have opportunities in Ontario that most of the world can only dream of.  Ontario has been a leader in the area of hunter training for many decades, and this has led to a huge reduction in the number of hunting safety incidents annually.  Whether you want to hunt with rifles or with bows you must successfully complete the Ontario Hunter Education Program.  The OHEP course is offered in two manners, either as a standalone course or as part of a "onestop" program where the student is attending both the Hunter Education course and the Non Restricted Firearms course.  When taken as part of a onestop class it is a 10 hour course plus testing time, when taken as a standalone class the same 10 hours of instruction is required but we must also complete the firearms handling portion of the course.  As a standalone course, we CANNOT complete it in one day, you will be required to come back to the Cabin for a few hours of firearms training, this can usually be done the day before the hunting course (many other time slots are available, we can work this out with you). 

-Explore why we want to hunt
-Wildlife management, ecology, ecosystems and habitat
-Understand responsible and ethical hunting
-Laws, Regulation, and the annual "Hunting Summary"
-Clothing, Equipment, Survival, and Hypothermia
-Hunting techniques, calling, scouting, wind, treestands
-Shot placement for Ontario big game
-Field dressing and preparing animals for taxidermy
-The 10 rules of hunter safety
-Bow hunting, bow types and parts, it's a short nature sport

  Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course

For those wishing to aquire restricted firearms in Canada (primarily handguns) you require a firearms Possession and Aquisition Licence (PAL) with both restricted and non restricted endorsement.  Please be clear, you cannot apply for a restricted firearms license until you have completed the non restricted class (or if you have a valid non restricted PAL, that is fine).  This course normally runs about 6 hours plus testing.  If you do the non restricted class and the restricted class back to back, you will be excused from the restricted class a little bit early.  Note that if you are taking your training for employment purposes, most organizations (including CBSA) require both the non restricted and restricted firearms class.

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buckeye firearms training, get your firearms license, gun license. licensed certified gun and firearms training and testing. Graduate, learn guns and firearms, we teach the CFSC and the CRFSC. you can get your restricted or non restricted firearms license in Ontario. certified by the RCMP and FSESO to teach and test the CFSC and the CRFSC, which is the restricted gun course and the non restricted gun course. If you are looking to get your gun license for restricted or non restricted firearms come see us.  If your FAC is expired you need to replace it with a PAL, this can be for restricted firearms, non restricted firearms, or both.  It is illegal to own a gun in Canada if you do not have the proper license. We teach the gun course full time, firearms and hunter safety training is our business.  Our training center is perect for learning, we have a very high passing rate, we will work with you to make sure you are successful in your course.  We are registered with the CFO or chief firearms office (officer) for Ontario.  We also teach the Ontario Hunter Safety course, licensed by the MNR or minstry of natural resources and certified by OFAH (ontario federation of anglers and hunters) to teach.  If you want to get your hunting license in Ontario, come see us. Whether for bow hunting or gun hunting you need the OHEP course, this is the Ontario Hunter Education Program. We are full time licensed and certified trainers for this course.