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Under the authority of:  RCMP, Chief Firearms Office, Natural Resources Ontario, Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters


Buckeye Firearms and Hunter Safety training is a small family run company dedicated to teaching the Canadian Firearms Safety Courses (CFSC and CRFSC) and the Ontario Hunter Education Program (OHEP) in the Northern GTA.  We are authorized to teach and test students in the Canadian Firearms Safety Courses (both restricted and non restricted) by the chief firearms officer of Ontario who is given responsibility by the RCMP for designating instructors in Ontario.  We are authorized to teach and examine students in the Ontario Hunter Education Program by the Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters, who is charged with hunter training in Ontario by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

There are many excellent and qualified instructors for these courses throughout Ontario, but there are a few things which make Buckeye Firearms & Hunter Training unique. The first thing you will notice in our Gallery is that most of our courses are taught in "The Cabin", which is a 3,500 square foot building which was purpose built as a training centre in the North East GTA, from the stuffed wildlife to the Elmira cookstove it's all there to get you in the spirit.  At Buckeye we know that you are busy and don't want to spend hours trying to book in your course and then hoping you hear back from us, so we offer online registration, you can have your seat locked in within the next two minutes. All of our instructors including owners Dick and Tom Ott are not only experienced, and licensed, but are as enthusiastic about teaching hunting and firearms safety as we are about hunting and shooting sports. Finally, we try to make the experience as "hands on" and "multimedia" as we possible can, we have trouble sitting still for hours... just like you.

Although we are located in Uxbridge, Ontario the vast majority of our students come from the surrounding areas.  Whether you are located South of us in Oshawa, Pickering, Whitby, Ajax, West of us in Newmarket, Aurora, or Bradford, North of us in Beaverton, or Brechin, or East of us in Lindsay, Peterborough, Port Perry, Blackstock, or Cobourg, you will find that we are a short, peaceful "country drive" away from you.  The popularity of hunting and target shooting in Ontario has been surging for a number of years, isn't it time you explore these awesome opportunities in our beautiful province?

Buckeye Firearms Training, 8200 Lakeridge Road, Uxbridge, Ontario, L9P 1R3, (647) 801-HUNT (4868)

buckeye firearms training, get your firearms license, gun license. licensed certified gun and firearms training and testing. Graduate, learn guns and firearms, we teach the CFSC and the CRFSC. you can get your restricted or non restricted firearms license in Ontario. certified by the RCMP and FSESO to teach and test the CFSC and the CRFSC, which is the restricted gun course and the non restricted gun course. If you are looking to get your gun license for restricted or non restricted firearms come see us.  If your FAC is expired you need to replace it with a PAL, this can be for restricted firearms, non restricted firearms, or both.  It is illegal to own a gun in Canada if you do not have the proper license. We teach the gun course full time, firearms and hunter safety training is our business.  Our training center is perect for learning, we have a very high passing rate, we will work with you to make sure you are successful in your course.  We are registered with the CFO or chief firearms office (officer) for Ontario.  We also teach the Ontario Hunter Safety course, licensed by the MNR or minstry of natural resources and certified by OFAH (ontario federation of anglers and hunters) to teach.  If you want to get your hunting license in Ontario, come see us. Whether for bow hunting or gun hunting you need the OHEP course, this is the Ontario Hunter Education Program. We are full time licensed and certified trainers for this course.